Friday, October 21, 2016

MEA/MFT 2016 - Beyond Rise over Run!

Slope is more than just “steepness” or “rise over run.” Slope has five—count 'em, five—faces. Students shouldn’t focus on just one or two, and in this session, neither will we! We'll explore a sequence of learning activities that guides students to invent and connections all of slope’s five faces through engagement in realistic and meaningful activity. The sequence is grounded in research literature, tested in classrooms, and aligned with the Montana Common Core.  
(This is a revised version of the session I facilitated at NCTM 2014.) 

Below are links to the handout for the session, a research paper that describes the approach in more detail, and a link to the complete unit for teachers and others to use. Please download, modify, and use the tasks with your students!